Why do you need Virtual Staging for home listing?

1. What is Virtual Staging?

Virtual Staging is a solution for home staging using a graphic editor. Virtual Staging is popular among real estate agents, interior designers and real estate photographers for properties marketing and selling.

2. How does it work?

Virtual Staging designer will work with the actual photos of the vacant “for sale” properties and decorate the home space by adding nice and suitable real furnishings into the photos. The designer will transform a vacant home to a fully furnished and freshly polished home. The virtual staging photos can attract more home buyers’ interests, help them have a more realistic view of their potential home, so they can envision themselves living in that place and likely to contact a real estate agent for a home visit in person.

3. Why should we use Virtual Staging versus Traditional Staging?

Before Virtual Staging solutions become popular as today, Home Staging is implemented by the traditional methods with in-person designers and physical furniture. Although the experience of traditional home staging is undoubtedly vivid and realistic, the money and time spent on furniture rent, movement are high.

Virtual Staging costs less than 10 percent of the cost of traditional staging. If a traditionally staged home is not sold quickly, furniture rental costs will accrue monthly while virtual Staging is a one-time charge. Covering most of the benefit of traditional staging but just taking a fraction of the cost, virtual Staging is the most effective approach for vacant home selling.