How to have effective 3D rendering outsource

3D Rendering is popularly used by property developers and buyers to promote and market their projects.

To achieve the best performance, there are some notices you should know when outsourcing 3D renders.

1. Thorough briefing

Giving the 3D rendering vendors enough details to deliver your expectations. Some information you must clarify with renders are house layouts, interiors details, exteriors selection, color, materials, window frame, texture. If you want to promote your company brand, remember to add it into your brief as well.

2. Visual reference

It is important to share with 3D renders that what styles you prefer. And the best way to do it is by showing your visual references. Two or three visual samples can help the rendering team a better understanding of your expectations.

3. Review and Feedback

Don’t wait until receiving the final deliverables to give your feedback. Requests for review drafts will avoid many reworks later, saving time and efforts for both you and the 3D renderers.

4. Choose the right 3D rendering experts

Not all 3D rendering vendors can deliver your expectations on quality, timing, and cost.  You can request for their portfolios or samples of previous works an even a demo work to evaluate their capacity.

Following these guidelines will remove a lot of hiccups when you working with 3D renderers and get your desired results faster.